January 23, 2013

harper learns to walk.

i know, i know. 2 videos in 1 week is crazy! but a *lot* is happening.
over the last week, h has taken some major steps {pun intended}—

she learned to sign "more".

she finally learned to clap {6 months later...}.

she is learning how to go down the stairs, 
which is a bit more tricky than going up.

she completed her first somersault.

....and she is walking!
she may look a bit like a drunken sailor when doing so, 
but it's a step up from her wounded soldier crawl.


  1. These videos are the cutest thing I've seen all week! Keep them coming!!

  2. Adorable! She seems so confident in herself!

    I look at your posts and think to myself that Sally will be at that point in less than a year. It blows my mind!


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