January 25, 2013

a stroll through borough market.

i haven't stopped hearing how great borough market is since i moved in. and with yesterday feeling like the coldest day all year, i figured it'd be fitting to stroll around an outside market. fail! ok, so my planning wasn't on par, but that's how i've been lately. apparently, my pregnancy brain never went away. {yes, re-read that sentence. past tense. i am not pregnant...yet. oh boy, i want another baby. but i digress.} 

so, we went to borough market, and it was lovely. there were hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of yummy things: chocolate-covered nuts, meat pies, cheesecakes, cheeses of all kinds, and jam. OH the jam. i picked up a jar of blackcurrant, rhubarb & vanilla jam that is simply divine. and i'm embarrassed to say it's near empty only 24 hours later. 


  1. I love seeing little Ty with Harper! I'm so glad you met Carrie--she is one of my favorite friends! This market looks dreamy...and so does the jam.

  2. Jessica--Carrie was telling me she knew you! Small world. Ty is Harper's new buddy! They're so cute.

  3. Yum yum yum. My fav! I dream about the pesto I found there, the bread and cheeses, the mushroom pate! Oh and the breakfast baps and the chorizo from BRINDISA...

    Can you tell I miss it?


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