January 30, 2013

mummies & large stones at the british museum.

last weekend, we planned to go to windsor castle, but unfortunately a stuffy head and cold on my lame part delayed those plans. instead, we opted for a day indoors at the british museum. close second. the museum was amazing. over the years, the brits got their hands on some pretty cool pieces. more specifically, the mummies! i could not believe the collection of sarcophaguses they had. there was even a human {with flesh STILL ON} that had been preserved for over a kajillion years. it doesn't get much cooler than that. i would have posted the photo, but it might have cost me a few readers. :)


  1. wagamama = our FAVORITE quick bite. mmm

  2. So cool you saw the Rosetta Stone! I think thats such an interesting artifact! Love that museum.


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