February 4, 2013

hello february. we love you already.

february has a lot in store for us—
not only is it the month of love,
but it's also the month my little love child was born!

and unfortunately i can't call her little much longer because
in just nine days she is turning one. ONE, people!
i want to start sobbing every time i think about it. 

time needs to stop turning because my emotions can't keep up. 

emotions set aside, a couple weeks ago i heard that your first birthday sets the stage for the rest of your life. 
my source? well, probably, but nonetheless, that's a lot to live up to, 
and i'm not taking any chances.

so for the last few weeks, i've spent much of my days planning h's birthday party. 
i probably shouldn't care too much considering she'll be more interested in the discarded cup on the ground, 
but it's giving me something to do. and planning a 1st birthday rocks!

on another note—harper took her first bike ride today and squealed with excitement the entire time!
and her pink little helmet looked ridiculously cute. 


  1. This picture makes me sooo happy! You and your little mini-me Harper are just the cutest pair. Ah! I love it. Wish I could come to this party of the year, I am sure it's going to be FAB. I really cannot believe it's only been a year since I went and visited you in the hospital after Harps was born... at least for me, that seems like it was FOREVER ago. She is adorable and I hope you take LOTS and LOTS of pictures at the party!!!

  2. You look so much like Syd here! I love that she loves the bike so much! Miss y'all


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