April 18, 2013

afternoon tea {fortnum & mason}.

one of my very favorite things i have done in london is afternoon tea at fortnum & mason. you walk through the entrance {which is an adventure in itself} and head up to the top floor—the diamond jubilee tea salon. kari and i were both gussied up in our finest because that's what happens when you each shell out £40 for a meal. you go all out.

as we walk into a sea of tiffany blue we are greeted by two sweet women who welcome us and take our coats. we are guided to our table, and walk by a lovely old man working the piano, which continued throughout our meal. the table was set to perfection with the most beautiful gilded china, and it, of course, is also a tiffany blue. and for a brief second, i feel like i should have a british accent because this is too legit.

first our tea arrives, in cute individual kettles, and then the food. ohhhh the food! just thinking of those warm scones makes me melt! let me start out by saying curd is a horrible word. in short, it should be banned. BUT the lemon curd was to die for. i scraped that jar clean! the cakes were also delicious and continuous. literally. they would have brought a new cake out to me as long as i was willing. and i was willing for quite some time.

the experience was above anything i've ever done. it was just SO COOL. if you've never experienced afternoon tea in london it is a major must! and although it is quite pricey, it is worth every single penny!

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  1. having afternoon tea in london is definitely on my bucket list.


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