May 30, 2013

a day in amsterdam.

i was so excited to travel to amsterdam with my parents. because they made the trek to london, i figured we should also take a mini weekend trip. and since the keukenhof tulip festival was going on, it only made sense we venture to holland! in true amsterdam style, we rented a houseboat on a beautiful canal near the city center. it was such a neat experience, and the gentle rock to sleep wasn't so bad either! 

now i had always heard that bikes were a popular mode of transport in holland, but i was blown away at how many bikes there really were. i'm disappointed i didn't get a good picture, but bikes are parked up and down the streets and congesting every corner. to be quite honest, i felt like a major tourist because i wasn't on a bike!

overall, amsterdam is a very unique and beautiful city. the building architecture and canals reminded me of a larger bruges, and it was chock full of history and character. amsterdam, we like you a lot.

amsterdam was getting ready for the coronation of their new king,
so celebratory decor was strewn throughout the whole city

 our little 'ole boat! sitting pretty on the canal.

the owner of our houseboat took us for a ride through the canals our first night. 
what a great way to get familiar with the city.


  1. i think you have already seen more of europe than i have. and i have been living here my entire life [minus 13 months].


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