June 4, 2013

keukenhof flower festival. {holland}

this flower festival is only in prime season for a couple weeks out of the year, so i was ecstatic to be able to enjoy it with my parents. i'm giving you fair warning that you're about to see {read: be overloaded with} a bunch a flowers if you continue downward. i cannot tell how beautiful keukenhof is; therefore, i will show you.

harper was a doll, running around and sniffing all the flowers. it was a trick papa had taught her before our trip and it came in quite handy for the day!

and to keep the little's attention, there happened to be the most 
adorable petting zoo in the middle of the festival. 
my beautiful parents. i love traveling with these two!


  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!! Your family is so beautiful and sweet, you are one lucky girl!

  2. bahahahaha Harper licking the fence is killing me!


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