July 24, 2013

a ferry ride to greenwich.

over the weekend, our family took a little ride over to greenwich. it was a sunny day out and a perfect afternoon for exploring a new town. instantly, the cutty sark ship on the pier reminded me of the fond memories down at south street seaport in nyc. oh how those beautiful ships lined the pier. swoooon!

there was also a cute little market that we walked through will all sorts of bits and bobs. but the best part of the market was the food, of course! pick a corner on the globe and it will be present at the greenwich market. {my favorite was the chicken tikka masala}.

***i wanted to drive this adorable truck home. come to mama!***

***running through the old royal naval college. big, old and beautiful!***

***the thames clipper is the way to go! you pass under the tower bridge and by all the
fun tourist attractions...without the crowds!***


  1. oh how perfect! looks like such a fun day. that ferry ride looks like a dream. makes me want to get out on the water here! actually, it makes me want to go to london, let's be real. ;)

  2. It's official. C and I need to go to London again. So many more things we want to do. You're so lucky to have such an awesome experience there!


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