July 19, 2013

helloooooo friday.

this has been a good week. it's one of those weeks where i didn't even count down the days until friday. but it came quickly, and we're welcoming it with pool time, ice lollies, and fresh peonies. because nothing screams friday more than that master trio. intermingled with that we've got some carrot throwing, a couple arched-back tantrums, and some wild hair. because we're only human. and i live with a one in a half year old. 

speaking of that, miss harper lu is almost 18 months. there is much that can be said about that age, but the biggest and grandest thing is that nursery is just around the corner!! i have been waiting about, oh, 18 months for this day. i dream of the sunday that i go to church, drop her off in nursery, and learn something!

happy friday. hope it's a good one!


  1. I adore peonies! And yours look divine!

    My dad just came back from London and said it was so warm there this week. Hope you do something fun with Todd and that cute Harper!

    ps. Arched back tantrums from H? I don't believe it.

    1. Next time your dad comes, please oh please tag along! We miss our friends. And yes, arched back tantrums are quite the hip and popular thing among her peers these days, or so she says...


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