July 10, 2013

a love, rekindled.

you had better believe we were at the grand opening of shake shack london! i had not-so patiently been for the last few months for this event, and i was thrilled once the day finally came around. we waited in line, along with the rest of london, for a good hour and a half before ordering. but with good friends and warm weather, it was an easy wait. 

i was SO pleasantly surprised and relieved that the food is just as good as in new york—the buns melt in your mouth, the fries are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the concretes...OH the concretes! we are going back tomorrow and saturday to get more! don't be jealous! :)

***with an hour and a half line, we had to keep H busy. insert: build-a-bear***

***the matheny girls love their crinkle-cut french fries***


  1. umm ok H is absolutely gorgeous and she looks so old in all of these pictures!! How is this possible??? ahh

  2. no i want some crinkle-cut french fries and a burger from shake shack too.
    haven't been in way tooooo long.

    1. Come out and visit! We'll eat SS until your heart is content :)


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