July 10, 2013

big girl beds.

this little nugget climbed out of her crib for the first time!
yup... about scared me half to death.

i heard her cry as she woke up from her nap, 
so i moseyed on over to her room to find her standing in her doorway,
just waiting for me.

i wasn't expecting this for another year but now my search for toddler beds is on.
too soon!

until i can muster up enough courage to buy a big-girl bed,
who has advice on keeping her in her crib?
luckily, she hasn't tried escaping again, but i do have a nice soft landing
of pillows and blankets in place in case she does...


  1. this picture is so cute.
    harper's shirt reminds me of "where is waldo". i found waldo.. ahm...harper in the amazon box. ha ha.

    i would totally get a toddle bed before i'd get a big girl bed too. these mini sized beds are just too cute to skip.

    1. Ha! We totally call this her "Where's Waldo" shirt. I love it. Or if we were to give her a beret and baguette, she could be a little Parisian. :)


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