August 8, 2013

the most beautiful gardens you've even seen and paris!

i hope you're not tired of seeing us in hyde park because i'm sure not. the other day, we had a play date in kensington palace {it was amazing, and more to come on the later}, but we had some time to kill beforehand. so we spent it running through kensington gardens. this place is a mini heaven on earth. well manicured with flowers and greenery everywhere. and right behind kensington palace. lets talk about perfection! i like to think that prince george will venture out there to play with kate on nice days like today. and i just hope we'll be there for it. :)

on a different note, we leave for paris tomorrow! a nice little family getaway for a long weekend. since hubs and the little nugget are coming this time it's going to be a wee bit different than my girls trip back in may {sweet memories here & here & here}, but it's all still perfect! i'll eat a crepe... or ten for you!


  1. enjoy paris. can't wait to see pictures and read about it.

  2. I keep checking for your Paris pictures!!!


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