August 6, 2013

stomping around diana memorial playground.

i'm in love with hyde park. it is one of my favorite places in all of london. so many different pockets of the park that have something new and interesting to explore, and i cannot tell you how great this place is for kids! back when it was cold, rainy, and rather depressing, i told myself that once it turned warm we would be in hyde park every week. and so far we're going strong!

yesterday, we spent the afternoon playing with some friends at the diana memorial playground. this playground is its own little getaway within the park with different activities around every corner—a giant pirate ship, a sensory trail, teepees, countless climbing areas, and our new favorite place... the music corner! harper banged and stomped her way through that area leaving behind some lovely sounds.  


  1. i would have loved that park as a kid. i was obsessed with pirates.

  2. whenever i walked by that place i wished i had a kid to take there - it looked amazing! so fun to see Harps enjoying it!


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