October 25, 2013

a weekend in the poconos.

happy friday! before this weekend hits, i'm still dreaming about our last! we spent ours in the poconos with some friends from the city. and by some i mean 16 adults and about 14 littles. it was wild! i can't even describe to you how nap time went around those parts...not to mention bedtime! our friend was turning the big 3-0 so his wife organized this whole weekend without him knowing! and with all of our big mouths, it's a miracle none of us slipped. the daytimes were spent cooking, golfing, and taking walks around the neighborhood. with the leaves changing in the mountains, we showed up at the perfect time! and after long days, we greatly welcomed bedtime for the littles so that we could stay up talking, vegging out, hot tubbing, and just enjoy one another's company. i love the life-long friendships we've made. even though we've been gone for a year, we pick right back up where we left off. 

***the cutest pumpkin patch you ever did see***
***harper was so excited about her pony ride until it was go-time. then she was terrified, so daddy stayed right by her side***

***the pigs on the other hand...she loved!***

these two...we got to keep our eyes on them***

***isn't that landscape something else?***

***we're missing a few babies in the picture who were napping***

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