October 30, 2013

pumpkins, carousels, and a squawking parrot.

it's almost halloween, and i can't get enough! i love how this city celebrates for a whole week. with a child, this holiday is so fun and much less creepy. :) on saturday, the whole city was having holiday events so we dressed harper up in her costume and bopped around from one event to the next. it was crazy and fun, and todd and harper were great sports! we ended the night carving pumpkins on my brother's rooftop. it was harper's first experience with pumpkins, and as the photos go to prove, it was a success! pumpkin, meet harper. harper, meet pumpkin guts.

***pumpkin cookie in one hand & a pumpkin in the other*** 

***the masters at work*** 

***isn't this view something?***

***the cutest parrot i ever did see*** 

1 comment:

  1. i love pumpkin carving and everything pumpkin to be honest.

    harper is the cutest little parrot, that's for sure.
    oh and i love your outfit.


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