October 18, 2013

mama's helper.

these days, harper is my biggest helper. always by my side and willing to put clothes in the wash, grab her wipes and diaper before a change, or getting mama a diet coke {ok, we haven't learned that one, but we're in the process...}. and you should see this girl with a broom! i feel like i need to start giving her allowance for all the "help" she does around the house. 

tonight, harper proved her knack for cooking as she helped me with dinner. she carefully patted down each pizza dough and then sprinkled {read: piled} on cheese and peppers. 


  1. So is this meal #2 to be cooked in this kitchen?? Haha :)

    1. yes. haha. and can't you see how gourmet it was?!

  2. cutest little helper.
    those pizzas look so good. harper should be part of my "the pizza adventures" series on my blog.


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