October 17, 2013

my kind of weekend.

thanks to columbus, we enjoyed a long weekend with papa. harper loves time with her daddy, and by the time friday rolls around, she's begging for his attention. and it's only fair to add that i am too! with the impeccable weather we've been enjoying, the majority of our time was spent outside together.

on monday, we headed to central park to lay down a blanket in our favorite spot and just let harper run. this age rocks and is so challenging at the same time. harps is crazy energetic(!) and would run away without looking back if we let her, so it's nice to see her run free and enjoy herself. and in the park, there is always that puppy or child she makes friends with along the way.

***as you may see, we had quite the couple of yogis practicing their moves near us, so harper was eager to show off a few moves of her own!***

 ***like, gorgeous. i can't even...***


  1. Harper has some great form to her somersaults! Haha. So cute.

  2. she's too cute !

    xoxo Sophie from

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the outfit you wore!


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