October 7, 2013

the cutest kids' halloween costumes you ever did see.

when halloween starts looming around the corner, i freak out a little inside. i love dressing up, but never know what to wear!! and now that miss harps is around, that freaking out has upped it's game. a child's costume is a big deal!

since last year's halloween, i had planned to dress harper as frida kahlo. you know, plop her in a little mexican dress, throw some bright flowers in her hair, and mark a big ole' unibrow on her baby face. funny right?? i thought so at least...unfortunately, everyone i've talked doesn't know who frida kahlo is and would just think my daughter has an unfortunate eyebrow overgrowth problem. 

>>insert halloween-costume freak out<<

that is until i came across these adorable pottery barn kids costumes. like seriously freaking adorable. and so many different options too, for babies and older kids. even better news... they're now 20%! i just ran to PB kids and got harper her costume. a little hint: it's an animal and makes loud noises awfully similar to harper. :)

***and how cute & easy are these family costumes!?***


  1. Who doesn't know Frida??? I LOVE that idea! May steal it for when S is older. And yes, the PB costumes are awesomely cute!

    1. They should be Kahlo sisters one year!! Done and done!


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