October 4, 2013

when mimi and papa came to visit.

we always love when mimi and papa come to visit us. or should i say visit harper. {because we know that's the only reason they come!} they're so fun and easygoing. always happy to just follow along our daily routine. harper played hard with papa, running up and down the playgrounds and playing pretend. but when it came time for cuddles, i tell you what, mimi was her go-to!

***papa teaching harper how to be a super hero. flying included.***

***we visited quite a few playgrounds in their short stay here.***

***races down the slide***

***the greatest waffles***

 ***over the last few years, it's become tradition to celebrate todd's birthday with my family chowing down indian food on 6th street. our favorite part is when they crank up the bollywood music and come out singing.***


  1. Harper looks EXACTLY like you in the second photo! Oh my gosh! She is even making a classic Casey smile for the camera. I love it.

    1. Hahaha! I guess that's what happens when we spend all day together. :)


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