November 6, 2013

and a happy hump day to you.

we arrived back home saturday night and have been fighting the jet-lag bug ever since. why does it have to be so hard!? harps has been waking up screaming around midnight all-too often. poor girl can't sleep, so that makes two of us. good thing we've booked our calendar with a whole lot of nothing this week. it's a welcomed change. just naps and movies. and by movies, i mean nemo. and only nemo. and the only part she's interested in is when nemo and his friends are in the fish tank at the dentist's office. and any scene with a pelican. it makes for a short movie and a lot of rewinding.


perfect slouch. perfect chunk. perfect beanie.

elf on the shelf is baaaack.

must-eat dishes in london. duck & waffle has been on my list...

50% off asos makes for a swell day!
{especially when this & this make their way into my cart}

these kiddy leopard-print mocs are too much to handle.


  1. You two are adorable! I love this

  2. Haha oh boy. I can totally see Harper doing that. What a nut.


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