November 7, 2013

keep your eye on the cronut.

we all know i feel about good food, and i'm usually down for anything. but before i went to new york i swore off waiting in any lines for a cronut. no cronuts for me, i told myself. no siree, they're overrated. but as it usually goes with my darn self, one thing leads to another and there i am... waiting in line for a cronut. luckily, i was in good company and we didn't wait too long {too long being about 1 hour. still crazy, i know.} and you want to know the best/annoying part? the cronut was stupidly amazing. soft, buttery, sugary and with the perfect ratio of apple/custard filling. i'm not even crazy about apple-flavored goods, but it really was awesome, y'all. the cronut wins this time. its so not overrated.


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