November 13, 2013

happy hump day.

hellloooo wednesday! how's your week been?

would you believe i'm still suffering from this brutal jet lag? 2 weeks later. 
i'm lucky if i fall asleep before 2 am. but i'll tell you what, it is the most productive problem i've ever had. :)

i got a bit link-happy this week so enjoy!


this candle makes me feel all warm & cozy inside.

stages of relationships with your mom.

mexicoke will no longer be the coke we know and love.

cats wearing tights is apparently a thing now.

love this monochrome jumper.

this aerobic video wins everything.

why do i see this love note in harper's future?

the modern guide to aging gracefully.

tricks to try with picky eaters.

in commemoration of movember.

a cup of jo's guide to say goodbye at parties.

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