November 12, 2013

scooting along.

this is harper's most prized possession these days. especially since it didn't make the cut to nyc in our attempt to pack light. light translating to 7 large stuffed with shoes at maximum weight bags! since we've been home though, she hardly lets it out of her sight. every day we go out for a little ride around the block. and in short, it's a laughing circus act. i've included a little video to demonstrate. her short, quick kicks make me laugh every time. 


  1. I spy North End Road down there! Those scooters look so fun. Maybe Santa will get her one :)

    1. And by her I mean, Sof. Harper would probably get a kick out of two, though, I'm sure.

    2. Sofi would crush that scooter! It's a must. Too bad they both can scoot down North End together...

  2. She is so cute! Those pushes are too funny. Love her


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