December 23, 2013

christmas baking.

 hello, monday! i hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to an even better week. i mean, hellloooo, it's christmas in 2 days! although i've been wanting to get out to see more christmas lights and pester harper with more santas, to be honest it's been rainy and cold the last few days. so naturally, we've been baking to stay warm and dry. 

harper is my best little helper. she will drag the chair over from the hallway to get a good look at the action. and if she's lucky, which she is 99% of the time, she helps mama! she especially loves helping me break the eggs. is it just my child, or do yours also have this crazy fascination with eggs? she would eat them for every meal if possible. she's also pretty good at quality control and making sure the batter is up to her satisfaction. ;)

***see, quality control. what did i tell ya?***

***hahaha. this face!! pure joy.***

***i'm ashamed to say, up until friday night we hadn't properly met all of our neighbors. so we thought it would be fitting and fun to go sing christmas carols and bring them cookies. such a festive way to spend the night. and harper really knows how to ring that bell!***

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