December 26, 2013

christmas morning.

christmas morning at our home was a lot of fun this year! it's so nice having a little one run around the house opening up presents {although todd may argue we had two of those people in our house this year!} we decided to keep christmas on the simpler end, and for a two year old, a gift and its wrapping paper is equally entertaining. soooo… success! santa brought harper a mini guitar to match daddy's, and it's fair to say she loves it. she also got paints, crayons, and other crafting materials. i love seeing harper excited to create. i hope it's a passion she carries throughout her life. 

***so proud to be his mrs. claus***

***"an invitation to spend a evening with a man who's got good looks and dance moves, but nothing that compares to your boo" aye aye. i accept!***

***strumming away. in heaven.***

1 comment:

  1. This looks like a wonderful Christmas morning!! So excited to see you guys so soon!!!


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