December 18, 2013

gift guide: stocking stuffers.

it's only one week until christmas. ONE WEEK! this is my last gift guide, and if you're anything like me, you're still scrambling to grab a few things for the stockings {and maybe some main gifts as well. yiiiikes!} here a few nice stocking stuffers that i'd like to see hitting our stockings this year!

1. penguin stacking toy {$13} melissa and doug sure know how to do toys, and this wood stacker is no different! eight stacking cups come together to create an adorable penguin. it's a nice twist on the classic stacking toys.

2. minimergency kit for him {$12 with madewell code TOYOU} this is the perfect little kit of just-in-case supplies. this kit has everything from nail clippers to stain remover to a mending kit. perfect when you're on the go and having a mini SOS moment. minimergency kit for her also available.

3. houndstooth socks {$12 // 3 for $27} just about every man in my life has brought up their need for work/church socks this holiday. while i refuse to wrap up socks and stick them under the christmas tree {is it just me or is that the most boring present!?}, they're perfect for a stocking stuffer. and i love this subtle yet stylish houndstooth print.

4. eos lipbalm {$3} the dry winter weather always takes a toll on my skin and lips. this lip balm not only feels good on the lips but it sure tastes good. something todd can appreciate :)

5. henri bendel monogram compact {$38} every christmas, i would give these compacts to my interns as a little thank you, and i always secretly wished i had one too! they're gorgeous and a really nice weight. they also come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

6. capri blue volcano candle--aka best candle EVER {$12+} this quite honestly is the best candle i've ever owned. the smell is rich, but fresh… and just ahhh-mazing! the candle also burns forever. whenever i visit the US, i grab one or two to keep me stocked up. i always burn this candle when one of my friends come to visit because she loves the smell of  my "american home".

7. jack black traveler set {$25} i worked in a beauty store and salon back in high school and the jack black products were one of our top sellers for men. and they've been my favorite ever since. the scent is delicious. i swear just the scent will make your man stronger. :)

8. NARS velvet matte lipstick pencil {$22} i stumbled upon this lipstick pencil back in nyc and i instantly fell in love. the pigment is so rich and lasts all day. no joke. todd will come home at 8 PM and ask why i'm wearing lipstick. little did he know i put it on at 8 AM and even ate a couple meals in it. this stuff is gold. some of my favorite colors are pop life, sex machine, and cruella.

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