December 12, 2013

oh christmas tree!

christmas time in our household is a happy time. right as halloween rounds the corner, i'm on to the next. and luckily here in britain, the next is christmas. sorry thanksgiving! {although i am very thankful for you? uhhh…} every year on black friday, hubs and i are out on a hunt for the biggest grandest tree of them all. this year, i simply couldn't wait that long so i did the unmentionable. i got us a fake tree. gasp! well technically, we inherited it from a dear friend who was moving, so saving £80 really helped to lighten that blow. now i just need a christmas tree-scented candle and we're good!

although we got our tree set up early, decorating it was a whole different beast! has anyone else felt like a lazy bum lately? my decorations sat next to my tree for over a week. a week! i even jokingly {read: in all seriousness} asked my babysitter to decorate the tree while we were away last friday. didn't happen.

so we finally got around to decorating said tree the other night. harper had fun picking up the ornaments and gently, a term used very loosely, placing them on the tree. or as you'll see below…chucking them across the room! we ended up designating a soft bird ornament as "hers". when she wants to touch an ornament, this is the one she can touch. it's been a few days, and this little game has worked out quite nicely for us. but seriously, aren't we all quite crazy for putting up this flickering, alluring toy with all sorts of delicate items within our children's reach? we're cray, i tell ya!! 

the tree is up, christmas baking has begun, the shopping is almost finished! we're feeling good over here!

check out our trees from years' past: hereherehere & our small-space alternative here.

 ***nothing more sexy than a man decorating my christmas tree. gosh, i hope that isn't a sexual term i'm unaware of...***

***the photo on the left was taken about .3 seconds before harper picked up that ornament and chucked it across the room. nice.***

***harper hanging her first christmas ornament. i can't believe this will be our second christmas with her. isn't christmas with kids so much fun? maybe it's just that i feel much less greedy with a child around.***


  1. i love putting up the christmas tree early too. unfortunatelly it is more of a tradition to not put it up too long before christmas eve and having it around for a while after christmas. guess next year it is time for me to break that tradition :)

    1. That sound like a lovely tradition! The house always feels so empty once decorations are down, so the longer the better!


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