January 30, 2014

prague, by day.

we had such a lovely trip to prague over the weekend. yes, it was cold {read: well below freezing, 9 degrees to be exact}. and yes, we woke up to a blanket of snow one morning {which actually made for a romantic day}. but, we had a fantastic time. i think you can definitely see all of prague in a couple days, but it was really nice have 4 long days with harper. we could take it easy and head back to the flat for a few hours to rest without feeling like we were trading in valuable time.

speaking of going back to our flat, it was SO nice having an entire flat for the weekend. have you ever used airbnb or home away? since moving to london, these two holiday rental sites have become our best friends. when traveling with harper, a single hotel room just doesn't cut it anymore, so being able to rent a full flat for a fraction of the price is perfect for us. kitchen: check. living area: check. a wall separating sleeping harper from sleeping us: double check!

since food is such a biggie for us while traveling, i have to mention the food in prague. meat, more meat, meat in sauce, meat with dumplings, meat, meat, meat. did you catch that? i would caution against visiting prague if you're a vegetarian. and if you're not a vegetarian, then you're in for a real treat. our favorite restaurant was cafĂ© imperial. the braised veal cheeks melt in your mouth. and i'm still thinking about the chocolate bomb "surprise". also, if you go to prague in the winter, you must must MUST get the hot chocolate that is sold from street stalls. it is so thick that you could pour it over your ice cream. which, of course, we did. we also made a sinful discovery—a chewy cinnamon roll-like pastry called a staroceske trdlo. vendors roll dough around a metal cylinder that slowly rotates over a fire. it is then heavily rolled in cinnamon & sugar and sold for 60 czk {about 2 bucks}. bam!!

***rocking my world, one day at a time***

***harper just about died when she woke up to the snow. she couldn't keep it out of her mouth***

***crossing the charles bridge, headed to the prague castle***

***we took a walking tour around the city and nemo came in handy occupying this busy girl for a whole… 10 minutes. she worked the pez dispenser with mind-blowing ease.***

***the city of a hundred spires. true to it's name***


  1. Looks very gorgeous and very freezing! beautiful pics!

  2. So amazing Casey! And your post made me so hungry. Yum.

  3. So glad you had fun! I remember thinking Prague was SO romantic.

  4. I'm going to reveal my inner nerd and say that I have wanted to visit Prague ever since I saw it on.... The Bachelor. Before then I didn't know it was such a cool and romantic place to visit! But I MUST go!

  5. oh and also, harper in front of that orange wall? oh my gosh i'm dying.


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