February 3, 2014

happy chinese new year.

 happy monday. and welcome to the year of the horse!

over the weekend, we rang in our chinese new year the best way we knew how—in chinatown, following around the dragons and enjoying a chinese dinner. as you can see, chinatown was decked with lanterns hung high and lining the streets. bright and beautiful dragons were scattered around the neighborhood, each dancing to the beat of their accompanying drum. as we left one dragon harper would chant lion lion lion until we came upon another. i read london's chinese new year was set to be the biggest outside asia, and i don't doubt it. thousands upon thousands were out enjoying the night with us. happy new year!


  1. how fun!! i told myself i was going to go down to chinatown here and see what there was to see during the new year celebrations..... but then i didn't. i have a feeling though, that london's chinatown is infinitely more charming than new york's.

    1. a chinatown, is a chinatown. no lying. but it was pretty amazing with all the decorations and excitement!


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