February 5, 2014

prague, by night.

i've dedicated a post to prague at night since it was too magical to pass by. nighttime is when the city lights up. there was a one night after dinner that harper fell asleep in the pram on the way home. snow had just started to softly fall and dust the ground—there was no way we were heading home now. romance was in the air baby! we took a stroll over the charles bridge to enjoy the snow show, with a hot chocolate in-hand. obviously. :)

***the famous hot chocolate {big fan of the whipped cream/hot chocolate ratio!) and sinful cinnamon rolls i was tell you about***

***this man was playing the most beautiful music with water! i thought this was only possible on miss. congeniality :) ***

you can check out our prague, by day post here!


  1. Replies
    1. It is! Next year, you need to forgo your trip to Hawaii and visit Europe instead! Or better yet, do BOTH! :)

  2. i must travel the world, i must travel the world, i must travel the world....

    this makes me want to quit our jobs and take a two or three month trip through europe.

    1. Yes. Yes. YES!

      Don't quit your jobs, just re-locate. :)


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