February 14, 2014

birthday celebrations!

it happened. harper lu turned 2! it seemed like just last week i was putting the finishing touches on her first birthday cake. how time flies! over the year, harper's silly and bright personality has really lit up. so it seemed fitting to make this year's birthday party sprinkle-themed. and as i learned the hard way, sprinkles tend to get  e v e r y w h e r e, which is also very fitting of harper's personality :)

for the party we invited over a few of her best buds. i only wish we had more room in our little 'ole flat and could invite every single friend we know. but unfortunately, we had to keep it small. but even with  just a few bodies, they were loud and wild and awesome! they're almost all the same size and look like little mirrored images of themselves running around the flat chasing each other. one of harper's dearest friends is george and they are a hoot to watch. he yells harper lu. she yells georgie. and many hugs ensue. 

***our invitation promised a sugar-high. chocolate-dipped oreos. chocolate-dipped pretzels. white chocolate popcorn. and straight-up sugar sticks. yeah, we stick to our promises around the matheny house***

***we had high hopes that this lunch would help balance out all the chocolate. but the kids just ended up filling their trays with popcorn and other chocolatey goods instead.***

***oh georgie. we sure love you and your cute little accent.*** 

***daddy took the day off work, and i think that was harper's favorite part of the whole day!***

***cupcake decorating played out much cleaner in my head. haha. i'm going to be finding sprinkles around the house for the next month!***

happy birthday, doll. we love you so so much!

and if you want to re-live her first birthday with me, here you go!


  1. I can't believe she's 2! What a darling party, Casey. Every detail is so sweet. Your hair is looking totally gorgeous too by the way!

    1. Where does time go!? All the "babies" are turning 2. With James just around the corner!

  2. OK I have so many comments to say
    1. These photos are amazing!
    2. This party looks incredible
    3. It was really sweet of Todd taking the day off.
    4. Harper looks extremely happy!
    5. George looks adorable! He's just a handsome little man
    6. Absolutely loooved the tray!
    7. I love the fact that you think George has got an accent haha

    Amazing party Casey xxxx

    1. I only have ONE thing to say—you make me feel like a million bucks. :) Wish you could have made it!!

  3. CASEY. You NAILED this. It's so freaking cute. I want to copy everything about it, and also copy the art party from last year. I just want to be you! ;)

  4. I'm so behind on commenting...but this party looked amazing! And that CAKE?!


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