February 19, 2014

happy hump day!

hi! can you agree it's been a quick week? in theory, i feel like february should be a drab month, but it's actually been awesome. we've celebrated lots of birthdays. valentines day. sunshine{!}. olympics. life is good. i understand the majority of america may disagree with me on the weather note. sorry about all that snow. but for once {ONCE!}, london weather is more desirable. we actually have sunshine; did i mention that!?

there are some fun links today. and in honor of j-fallon moving on up to the tonight show, you must check out his SNL audition, where it all began. that man is ta-len-ted!


fake london underground signs are genius. 

get ready to cross those eyes. the 90's is back in video form.

olympic torch prank in nyc. haha

for all you frozen junkies.

have you seen jimmy fallon's SNL audition? amazing!

the greatest things that could happen to a new yorker.


  1. i love these posts. those fake underground signs made me laugh, the 27 greatest new yorker moments made me feel legit, haha, i am in love with jimmy fallon, the torch prank made me smile, and i pinned the personal style article for later because i NEED it. basically you had my number this week and i love you. ;)

    1. Love you mas, señorita! Happy you enjoyed.


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