March 3, 2014

close encounters with nemo & dory.

a couple weekends ago, we took harper to the aquarium for the first time. the perfect place for a little girl who wakes up and falls asleep yelling for nemo & dory. no joke. happens every. single. time. the aquarium is just across the bridge from westminster and right next door to the london eye. what a location, hey? 

it was so fun seeing harper interact with the sharks and fish! right as you walk into the aquarium, there is a long plexiglass bridge you have to walk across with all sorts of big sharks visibly swimming underneath. i'm telling you, harper was psyched out over this thing. we had to bribe her to walk onto the glass and every step she took she lost her balance and fell to the ground. i'm sure we looked like parents of the year as we laughed out loud watching her cross this bridge. but y'all, that was good stuff! i wish i had a good video to share. 
***the london aquarium wins major points for having a finding nemo tank. it was stocked full of all the fish from the movie. it was quite a popular tank among the little ones!***

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