March 5, 2014

currently snacking on...

my graze box! 

do you also have graze delivered to you? have you even heard of graze? up until a few weeks ago, i hadn't either. it wasn't until i was flipping through my mail—with a croissant in-hand—that i came across a flyer for one of their subscriptions. as i sheepishly looked down at my snack of choice, i decided i should check them out. in a nutshell, they send yummy & nutritious snack boxes by post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for £3.89/box. i started out with the bi-weekly subscription but quickly turned to the weekly. much better choice, i tell you what! i also just noticed that they offer treat boxes for kids! game changer...

anyways, enough of my rant. i love them. and you well too! and luckily for you, you get to try them for FREE!! 

graze has kindly offered all heels on the bus readers a free box. simply use the codes below at

US readers: FCHZVG6
UK readers: CASEYM3TP {you get your 1st, 5th & 10th box for free!}

tip: you absolutely must try the sticky toffee pudding! warm toffee sauce. less than 150 calories. nuff' said. :)

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