March 10, 2014

climbing, jumping, and spinning + a video!

hi! over the weekend we made it our duty to spend as much time outside. sun is a rare, rare occasion in our parts. i also dusted off the cobwebs from my bike and took it for a spin. or two. or 10! it feels so good not having to wait for a bus or train. and it feels even better not lugging the pram up and down the stairs! i forgot how much i love my bike. but harper reminds me each ride with joyful squeals and bouncing. 

one of our bike rides this weekend was over to the princess di playground in hyde park. it's one of our favorites. what a magical and imaginative playground it is with a giant pirate ship, teepees, and a musical corner. it seemed the whole city jumped at the chance to soak in some vitamin D as there was even a proper queue to get into the playground as we were leaving! on our way home, we grabbed some burritos, popped them into my basket, and raced each other home. i know the sun is not going to last. {i mean, it snowed in april last year!} but until then… :)

***i swear harper is addicted to dizziness. is that a thing? can she get high off that? cause she does! she found a little buddy and they spun and spun and spun until they fell off the platform…and then they'd do it again.***


1 comment:

  1. How magical is that playground?!?? I would love it as much as my child! I love the video of Harper too. She is so stinking cute.


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