April 4, 2014

oh, hello!

hi friends, and happy friday. it feels good to be back! i've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. there was even one point i was ready to call it a day and be done, but i just love my little treasure-of-a-blog too much. so, here i am! :)

harper is down for her afternoon nap and sure to wake up soon, so we'll see what i can squeeze in. and speaking of miss harper lu, today is her first day of potty training! it is exciting and utterly exhausting all at the same time. seriously, as a parent i've never had to be so on-guard before and ready for anything. over the last few weeks harper's been showing signs that she's ready, but after changing her panties 5 times in a 2-hour period this morning i was starting to rethink those signs… luckily, it's been good since then. i won't get too much into the deets as i'm sure i'll have a special posted dedicated to our big, LONG week ahead. :) but anyways, i digress…

so despite london's spring track record, the weather has been ah-mazing! this time last year it was snowing, so there's not too much to complain about. last weekend we couldn't stand being indoors so we biked to buckingham palace. it's a beautiful 30-minute ride through some of the nicest neighborhoods in london—chelsea, sloan square, and knightsbridge to name a few. it's days like that when i feel i should be in a dream. i tell myself this is not real life. and there's days like today when i'm soaked in pee and i pray this isn't real life! sooo ya know. haha.

***the flag is raised so the queen is in!***

***such gorgeous birds at st. james park***

***remembering my flower crown-making skills from back in the day. who else sat around during recess making chains and chains of wild flowers?***

***my little hippie princess***

***kisses all day long. we have so much love for this man!***

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