April 10, 2014

we're going on an egg hunt + video!

i want to share a few photos from the cutest easter egg hunt ever. y'all, the cutest! my smart and talented friend trina really knows how to throw a party and… how to get kids awfully high on sugar. after they did some easter crafts and had lunch, the hunt began. all the kids grabbed their baskets and took off. eggs were scattered everywhere—in every pot, flower and corner of the garden. harps was in heaven, shoveling candy into her mouth as quickly as she was popping eggs into her basket. that girl! like mother like daughter.  

 ***happily sitting in the corner eating her sweets***
***trina is a pro cake baker. well a pro everything, but a legit professional cake baker. she just whipped this up while we were chatting in the kitchen. no big deal.***



  1. Love this! It looks like such a fun day. Harps is so dang cute!

  2. Probably my favorite post ever because we were there for this beaut. Hilarious night. Miss you guys!


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