April 22, 2014

easter day recap.

this easter season was a long and fun one. it seemed like we were doing easter egg hunts every other day, whether it be outside with friends or around the house to keep us busy. quite honestly, i think harper had come to expect candy hidden in all corners of the house. so on easter morning, she was awfully excited at yet ANOTHER easter egg hunt! 

by this time around though, the easter bunny had learned that little girls don't need sweets in every single egg and started packing them with any non-sugary food said bunny could find around his rabbit hole late the night before—cereal, crackers, fruit…you name it! needless to say, she still had a blast scavenging for those eggs. 

***this beautiful painting of Christ stands in the doorway at our church. and every time we walk by it harper waves at her jesus. so it was very fitting that the only photo i managed to snap of her wearing her easter dress was by the photo. i'm still hitting myself for not getting that family photo though!***

 ***heading home from easter dinner with friends. they melt my heart***

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  1. Yeah, someday our kids will hate us when they realize other kids got candy!


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