May 2, 2014

to be or not to be!

in celebration of shakespeare' 450th birthday, the globe was opened to the public for a big birthday bash. and the best part—it was free! i hadn't been inside yet, so this was the perfect excuse for our whole family to go. inside there were tons of fun activities for the kids. it was hot and crowded, but really worth it. there was a bouncy castle, puppet shows, face painting, balloon making, etc. aka. a child's heaven. 

the best part of the whole thing was that there were actual performances on the stage every hour or so. we were lucky enough to catch the last one of the day. although i would LOVE to go back for a proper shakespeare play, it was pretty cool to be in there. it's such a beautiful building. it totally makes you feel like your back in shakespeares' day—except for the boy with his face painted like spiderman. surely that couldn't be found in the 1600s. speaking of that little boy, harper could not take her eyes off him. she was mesmerized and stood and stared at him almost the entire performance! 

***as a tribute to shakespeare, this gate piled up with roses left by passerby's***

***walking into the globe. what a sight!***

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