August 13, 2014

cows say moo, sheep say bah…

three singing pigs say la la la.

anyone else know that book by sandra boynton? a popular choice in the matheny household. and the only thing i could think about while at the farm with harper this week. well that and how ridiculous she looked in the over-sized riding helmet they had her wear. seriously, it was as tall as the horse. but i digress…

there are urban farms scattered throughout the city. as they're all a little tricky to get to we hadn't visited one until now. but this particular one in hounslow was a really good time. it's a large interactive farm, and upon arriving they were having "animal encounters" in the barn, making all sorts of animals available for kids to hold and stroke. harps and her friends were so brave as they touched way more exotic animals then i would have at their age…or even now! :)

***the things we do for our kids… amiright?***

***after watch a specific go, diego go episode, harper has had a strange obsession with chinchillas. her world was rocked when she was able to see one in real life!***

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