August 4, 2014

harper knows best.

on saturday morning, after devouring a pan of german pancakes, we asked harper what she wanted to do that day. ride a boat!… she yelled. todd and i then gave each other "the look" as we both knew that was the last time we ask her that question. then we carried on among the two of us deciding what to do.

zoo: nah. museum: nah. sit around & do nothing: yeee…nah.

we had to do something. so why not make harper's wish come true. the city has a long canal that gentle wraps through it and i had remembered hearing you can ride from one end to other. done! boat ride it is, miss harper lu!

***we started in camden, which is famous for it's camden market. we {read: todd} had sworn off ever going on a saturday morning since it swarms with crowds, which indeed it does. but it also swarms with stalls and stalls of the best food in the city! bbq. portuguese. curries of every kind. and sweets. many many sweets! my gosh, my heart leaps just thinking about the fresh dutch pancakes covered in nutella that we ate {international pancakes were clearly a theme of the day!}***

***after we finished lunch, we hopped on a boat and chugged along the canal for an hour. it was a surprisingly nice and peaceful ride as we passed through the edge of the london zoo, made our way through regent's park, and ended up in little venice.***

***house boats lined the canal and you couldn't help but wonder what type of people live in a boat in the middle of london? maybe i should be that type of person***

***be with family, live until i'm 101, look back and smile, travel to nyc***

***oh, hello bump!***

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