November 19, 2014

castle chasing in wales.

wales should be nicknamed the land of castles upon green grass with sheep spotted throughout. that's not too long to be catchy, right right?

but really, this country/city/land mass {what the heck is wales?} is gorgeous! every 10 minutes we spotted a new castle outside our window. no biggie. whenever harper started getting fussy in the car, we'd tell her we were going to a new princess' castle and she'd perk right up {in a previous post, i said i didn't push the whole princess thing, but i'm not dumb. :)}

we missed todd on our little weekday getaway, but my parents are the coolest travel buddies. we took our time, enjoyed some good tunes along the way, and had a lot of fun. harper loves her mimi and papa.

***caerphilly castle. one of my faves*** 

 ***this pose. i don't even know.***
 ***and then the heavens opened and said wales, you're gorg***

***riding through the heart of snowdonia in the cutest steam train you ever did see***

***gosh, i love this woman. when i grow up, i want to be like my mom***

 ***the yin to his yang***

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