December 12, 2014

bergen, norway.

with my "no-fly date" looming overhead, we got the sudden pressure to travel as much as we could. since moving here, i've always wanted to go "north". whatever north means; i just wanted to go there! so we researched a few northerly cities and decided on bergen, norway. it didn't disappoint. we were only there a brief weekend, but long enough to stroll the city, eat our fair share of skillingsbolles {norwegian cinnamon rolls covered in sugar and custard}, and take a day trip to the hardanger fjord a couple hours outside the city. 

***the colors in bergen are outstanding! from hot reds and blues to bright greens, the city looks like a splatter of paint. it was overcast and cloudy while we were there but the colors of the city still popped.*** 

***trip up the floyen funicular to get a view of the city…and get out of the cold for a split sec***

***this face. those eyes. smile. little nose. i love this one***

***behold: the hardanger fjord! :) it may have been rainy and overcast, but it was still a beaut***

***walking behind the steindalsfossen waterfall***

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  1. A friend from my ward lives in Bergen! It's beautiful. Must visit.


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