December 18, 2014

munich & salzburg // christmas markets.

here are a few {read: a zillion} photos from our trip to the christmas markets in munich and salzburg. also known as our last trip in tour de pre-baby. 

munich is the quintessential german town with smells of cooking sausages filling the air and bavarian architecture lining the streets. right as we exited the underground we were greeted with the clock above {glockenspiel}, performing its 11 am musical spectacle. i couldn't have asked for a better german welcome. we arrived on a saturday so the weekend markets were in full swing. harper enjoyed running from one stall to the next looking at the ornaments and christmas decorations. fruit and veg. sausages and pickles. the city was alive and bustling. i've been itching to travel to germany for a long time and kept pinching myself because we were actually there!

on sunday, we took a day trip to salzburg, austria to enjoy the christmas markets. it was the first weekend they were up so it was crowded and awesome. i love a bit of craziness at christmas time {speaking of, i went to oxford street to do some christmas shopping yesterday. whoa! crazy. and awesome. but i'm getting off topic}. austria was beautiful. also, i'm 1/8 austrian so i felt a particular connection to my fellow austrians. guten tag!

***the christmas markets in munich were setting up the weekend we arrived. a booth covered every nook of the city***

***pickles & pregnancy. can i be more cliche? :)***

***surfing on a river wave in munich. whaaa? crazy, i know. todd had to give it a go***

***we ate our way through munich, munching on pretzels and sausages. todd said he ate 4 brats in 24 hours. ***

***welcome to salzburg. just LOOK at those colors.***

***the hillllls are alive. i've never actually seen the sound of music. {i know i know} but supposedly a scene plays out in this courtyard. i should watch.***

***the main square of the christmas markets in salzburg***

***thousands upon thousands of ornaments filled the booths. wouldn't it be a dream to fill a tree with these?***

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