November 3, 2014


i know i know. it's mid-november and i'm just now taking this back to halloween but a) harper was the cutest "spaceman" {so the brits say} which i can't miss documenting, b) i'm pregnant, hormonal, and that's just how it's going, and c) i've got even older photos to post-date so you just wait! :) 

halloween around these parts is very american driven. the brits haven't fully come around to our ghoulish traditions just yet. only a few neighborhoods celebrate, but the ones that do really go all out, decorating their porches and dressing the part. harper was old enough this year to really get into the trick-or-treating spirit and loved running from house to house yelling pumpkins!!!, as that's what marked which houses were passing out candy.

i bought harper two costumes this year {thanks to target for having a BOGO sale!}. the first, being an astronaut. she's been on this whole la luna kick lately, so i knew she'd dig it. the second, was an elsa costume. i don't push the princess thing around our house, and to be honest i kind of hate that i bought it for her. but then again, technically it was free, and i felt like i'd be a horrible parent NOT giving her that option. ya with me? luckily, with only minimal persuasion, she bought into the astronaut idea. i couldn't be prouder. she rocked it. and london was at ease knowing there was one less elsa on the streets that evening.

***carving our little 'ol jack-o-lantern to get into the spirit***

***harper was quite into the guuuuuts and had to document every step of the process***

***early on, either todd or i went with harper to the door. after she got the hang of it, she was on her own!***

***ground control to major tom***

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